Laser Therapy: Remarkable Relief and Recovery

by Mar 30, 2018

The field of medicine is always advancing at a rapid pace. When you see it up close, you start to expect the incredible, and get used to it. But even so, every once in a while, something comes along that really makes us stop and say, “Whoah.” MLS laser therapy, which we’re pleased to be able to offer our patients, is one of those treatments.

What’s so great about it? Simply put, it represents a massive leap forward in our ability to care for patients with a wide range of injuries and conditions. Chronic pain? Misfiring nerves? Surgical wounds? MLS can help them all heal much faster and much safer than ever before. We’ve been stunned by the results, and our patients have been, too.

Remarkable Technology

Lasers have been used in the treatment of various painful conditions for a couple of decades now. Light, we know, is energy. (It’s why your face feels warm on a sunny day). And what researchers discovered is that, at certain wavelengths and power levels, the light energy from a laser beam can be absorbed, converted, and used by human cells.

The MLS laser is a further advancement of the fundamental technology. The system uses two synchronized, robotically controlled lasers—one lower power and one pulsed higher power. Because the emissions are synchronized and complement one another, they can achieve much better results than either laser alone, while remaining totally safe for use. The laser beams can penetrate to a depth of around one and a half inches, deep into muscle and bone tissue.

When the cells absorb that energy, incredible things happen. Pain sensitivity declines. Swelling and inflammation subside. New blood vessels form and cells increase their metabolism, which in turn allows them to grow and repair themselves faster. Nerve cells reconnect. Essentially, laser therapy throws your natural healing systems into overdrive, giving your body the energy it needs to rebuild itself back to full health.

Remarkable Range of Conditions Treated

MLS laser therapy is versatile. Because it triggers so many different positive clinical effects, it can be used for a staggering variety of conditions and situations.

  • It can help with almost any kind of a generalized soft tissue pain—back, knees, neck, shoulder, heels, joints, you name it. Muscles, tendons, ligaments, even bones.
  • It can reduce neuropathy pain, and may even help improve nerve health and restore some lost function. This is huge, as nerve damage is otherwise usually permanent.
  • It can accelerate wound healing, whether from an injury or a surgical incision, and reduce the amount of scar tissue left behind in the healing process.
  • It can substantially reduce the recovery time after a sports injury or surgery, allowing you to get back to your lifestyle faster than you otherwise could.
  • It can offer an effective alternative to surgery for painful conditions that did not respond to any other kinds of conservative treatments.

Remarkable Benefits

The benefits and advantages of MLS laser therapy for our patients are numerous and significant.

  • No medications. You don’t need any anesthesia or drugs whatsoever when you undergo the procedure.
  • No incisions. It is not surgery, and it won’t cut the skin. In fact, there should be no pain whatsoever when using the device.
  • No known side effects. After dozens of studies and thousands of patients treated, there is no evidence of any adverse effects or reactions to the procedure whatsoever.
  • Fast treatments. Session duration can vary based on the size of the area that needs treatment, but most sessions run well under half an hour. Most conditions have treatment protocols that call for 2-3 sessions per week, 6-10 sessions in total.
  • The effects are cumulative. You aren’t simply managing symptoms. With each session, the effects stack and the pace of healing accelerates. While some symptom relief is immediate, you’re actually treating the cause.
  • Results are rapid. When included as part of your treatment or rehabilitation program, MLS laser therapy can cut total recovery time in half in some cases. In fact, the technology is used by professional athletes looking to get back in the game as quickly as possible. For chronic conditions, you might find that an ache that’s been bothering you for months is totally gone in two weeks.

So, are you ready to see if MLS laser therapy is right for you? If chronic pain is affecting your day to day life, don’t wait another day. Give us a call at (620) 241-3313 to set up a consultation.

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