Toenail Fungus

Many patients suffer from embarrassing nail and skin problems caused by invasive fungal infections. The affected nails are often thick, brittle, and discolored, causing a fair amount of embarrassment for the patient involved. Such a condition often forces patients to hide their feet away and leads to many situations in which the individual’s way of life is hindered.

The Community Foot Clinic is dedicated to bringing an end to the pain, irritation, and embarrassment of fungal nail conditions for the residents of McPherson, Lindsborg, and Hillsboro areas.

What is nail fungus?

This foot condition, also known as onychomycosis, begins when fungi (dermatophytes) are contracted by and begin to proliferate in the tissues of the feet or hands. As the feet are consistently kept in a warm dark place, such as shoes, the feet are more commonly affected by this condition. This foot problem is renowned for being especially difficult to treat and nearly always requires podiatric intervention to eliminate the infection entirely.

How are fungal nails treated?

This foot condition can be quite stubborn and often require a proper diagnosis before any treatment method can be properly prescribed. During your appointment Dr. Trent Timson will examine the extent of your condition and offer a treatment method that best suits your specific case, medical history and lifestyle needs. As repeat infections are commonplace in the treatment of this nail problem, you may be prescribed with a few different methods to help eradicate the fungus once and for all.

Some treatments include:

  • Antifungal Lacquers – This treatment is a medicated nail polish that is applied to the nail and surrounding skin to prevent fungal growth.
  • Oral Medications – This medication is commonly prescribed to patients who are likely to develop cellulitis.
  • Topical Creams – Typically used in conjunction with oral drugs, these creams are used to stunt fungal growth.

Many patients struggle with treatment as results are not generally immediately seen. It can takes weeks to see results as the new healthy nail grows in behind the previously infected tissue. In severe cases, surgery can be utilized to remove the infected nail completely.

Early detection and treatment is the key to a successful recovery in fungal nail conditions. To prevent future complications in your foot health contact our McPherson office at 620-241-3313 or schedule an appointment online with Dr. Trent Timson.

How did I get this foot condition?

Some of the most common forms of these nail infections are contracted as individuals walk barefoot in public locker rooms and pool areas. Such places are a typical environment for the fungus that commonly infects patients. It becomes increasingly likely that people get this condition if they perspire heavily, work in a warm and wet environment, or don’t change their socks and shoes regularly.

Fungal nail infections may be acquired by patients with weakened immune systems. If you have diabetes, leukemia, or AIDS this foot condition can be contracted much more easily, and this problem is also much more dangerous to your overall health.

doctor examining toenail fungus of patient

What are the symptoms of a fungal infection?

Many patients find that the first noticeable symptom in this condition is a small white or yellow discoloration at the tip of the toenail. The affected nails will become thick and brittle as this problem continues to develop. Many patients will even notice their nails becoming darker, dull, and distorted in shape. As the fungus continues to spread through tissues the toenail itself may start to separate from the nail bed. If a patient detects any pain or odor, medical attention should be sought immediately to prevent severe complications like cellulitis.

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