Children's Foot Care

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. At birth and throughout life, our feet are the foundation that propels us through this journey. Don’t let your children get off on the wrong foot. Foot health begins at birth and caring for your children’s feet is vitally important.

Early Development Tips

A baby’s feet are quite different from those of an adult. The bones of their feet are no more than soft, flexible cartilage until the age of 7. It is important to let them develop naturally. Restrictive clothing and footwear should be avoided whenever possible. A young child’s feet grow at an incredible rate. If their socks or garments appear restrictive, opt for the next larger size. Don’t go too large though, the garment should only be ¼ inch longer than their longest toe.

Bathe and inspect children’s feet daily. Toenails should be trimmed straight across, so that they are even with the tip of the toe. Ingrown nails are a result of improper trimming and restrictive footwear. Look for problem areas – young feet are flexible and less sensitive to injury or areas of pressure and friction. Not only does Dr. Timson offer nail trimming, but he also cares for corns, callouses, and warts.

Foot muscles need time to strengthen and develop. First steps typically occur between 10 and 18 months. Until your child is ready to walk outside, shoes are unnecessary. Allow for an ample period of muscle strengthening. A baby’s broad, flat feet are designed to function barefoot. It is normal for their feet to appear flat, especially in the early months.

When buying shoes, select a good quality, leather pair. Monitor the wear and tear of the shoe and keep them clean at all times. Replace footwear with a larger size as soon as necessary. See a trained specialist if determining your child’s shoe size is an issue. Never rush a shoe purchase.

children's foot care

Many foot problems, such as gait abnormalities, can be easily corrected when discovered early. If a child’s toes point inward or outward while walking, he or she will develop weakened feet and body alignment issues. Teach your children to keep their toes straight. If their legs bow or their knees knock, seek professional care.

From diet to daily hygiene, provide your child with a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. Learning to protect themselves from injury and infection is a fundamental building block of healthy living.

Foot health begins at birth and continues for a lifetime. Be sure your children’s feet are getting the care they deserve. If you notice an issue, no matter how small, seek podiatric medical care immediately. Early treatment is always best for pediatric foot care.

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