Laser Treatment: Not Just for Heel Pain

The MLS laser system is one of the most advanced treatment tools available at our office. And because heel pain happens to be the most common symptom our patients struggle with—and MLS laser is such a good treatment option for most causes of heel pain—those two things...

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Flip Flops: Why You Shouldn’t Wear Them

We know – the weather is getting warmer and you can hardly resist the urge to break out those flip-flops. They are, after all, the truest sign of summer. Indeed, as the temperature rises, most of us will be staying cool by slipping on a pair of our favorite...

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Why Custom Orthotics Are So Versatile

Quick question: What do heel pain, shin splints, flat feet, lower back pain, and diabetic ulcers all have in common? We’ll give you a minute. … Okay, have a guess? There’s more than one correct answer here, but this is the one we’d like to focus on: All are conditions...

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