Joint pain from this disease can be devastating. That familiar, deep aching in your bones making it difficult to use your feet for anything. For some, the discomfort comes with weather changes or strenuous activity. For others, it is always there, holding you back from what you want to do. Whatever the case may be, arthritis can change your life.

Things you once enjoyed become too difficult when your joints are hurting. Fortunately, you don’t have to let this condition control you. Many remedies exist that can substantially reduce your discomfort.

Joint Damage

Arthritis is actually a general name for inflammation in a joint. It encompasses a number of different, more specific conditions. In all of them, similar damage occurs and the joint’s effectiveness is compromised. The tissues become irritated, often swelling and filling the area with fluid. The affected structure stiffens and becomes painful to use. All of this leaves your body feeling achy and uncomfortable.

Three types of this disease are the most common in the feet and ankles, though many others, like gout, can occur as well. Osteoarthritis is caused by the general wear and tear of life and time. Eventually, the cartilage begins to break down, and the bones grind against each other. The friction causes further damage, and can even lead to the growth of bone spurs.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease. No one is sure why, but the body begins to attack the tissues in the joints. Typically more than just the feet are affected and the condition can be crippling.

Post-traumatic arthritis develops after an injury. Even if the original problem is treated and you recover, the wear can take a toll and lead to a tissue deterioration between bones.

If you’re experiencing pain from arthritis, you don’t have to just live with it. Remedies exist to reduce your discomfort and improve your mobility. If you allow the condition to worsen without intervening, however, the damage can make it very difficult to restore your feet—so don’t wait. Contact Community Foot Clinic of McPherson for an appointment or more information. Call (620) 241-3313, or visit our website contact page to reach us.

Relieving the Pain

This condition is a chronic problem that often fluctuates with time. Managing the discomfort so that you can continue your regular activities requires intentional care and monitoring. Dr. Trent Timson can evaluate your feet and pinpoint the tissues receiving the most damage. He may need diagnostic images to get a clearer picture of the extent of the problem.

With this information, he can work with you to determine the best path forward for treatment. Often physical therapy is needed to maintain foot strength and range of motion. Medications to reduce inflammation and relieve pain may also be recommended. Changing your shoes or adding orthotics can support and pad your feet, as well as absorb shock, relieving pressure on your bones. If the pain is not responding, you may need cortisone injections or even surgery to repair the damage.

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