Heel Pain

Heal Your Heel Pain FAST

Are you being sidelined by your heel pain? Does stabbing, aching discomfort greet you every morning, pop up during or after exercise, and make your workdays miserable? Do you find that you’re just not able to enjoy life the way you used to?

You’re not alone. Millions of Americans live with the exact same reality every day. And unfortunately, many of them simply try to ignore it and put up with a hobbled, limited lifestyle.

Don’t be one of them!

Heel pain is never normal, and effective, non-surgical treatments are widely available! All you have to do is take that first step.

Dr. Trent Timson at the Community Foot Clinic of McPherson is a heel pain specialist who has been keeping Central Kansas on its feet for more than two decades. More than 95 percent of heel pain can be treated successfully in just 3 months or less, without surgery, often with traditional care methods only. 

And for those who need a little extra care or support, we also offer advanced treatments like laser therapy and custom orthotics to help you not just take the pain away, but KEEP it away, too.

So are you ready to stop hurting and start living again? Just complete the form on this page and someone from our office will reach out to schedule an appointment with you shortly.

Interested in an appointment with Dr. Timson?

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