Exceptional Foot & Ankle Care, Right Where You Live

by Mar 16, 2020

No matter who you are, what you do, or where you live, it should never be a struggle to access the highest quality medical care.

Unfortunately, many people living in Central Kansas are accustomed to making the long drive to a major city in order to get the care they need.

Well, when it comes to foot and ankle care, we’re pleased to say that going out of your way just isn’t something you have to do. At the Community Foot Clinic of McPherson, we offer advanced, effective treatments to patients throughout Central and North Central areas from our offices in McPherson, Herington, and Hillsboro.

Why should you choose our clinic for your foot and ankle care needs? Let’s break down some of the most important reasons.

Exceptional Foot & Ankle Care

Close to Where You Live

Central Kansas isn’t exactly the sleepy “flyover country” that coastal dwellers seem to think it is.

In fact, nearly a quarter of a million people combined live in either McPherson County or one of the seven counties that surround and border it: Saline, Dickinson, Marion, Harvey, Reno, Rice, and Ellsworth.

That’s a lot of folks—many of whom may be struggling with daily foot pain that keeps them from living their best lives. And virtually all of them live within a 30- to 40-minute drive of one of our three offices.

Whether you make your home in McPherson, Hutchinson, Newton, Salina, Herington, Hillsboro, or any of the surrounding communities, you have a great foot and ankle clinic just a short distance away.

A Specialist with Experience

Our podiatric physician, Dr. Trent Timson, founded the Community Foot Clinic of McPherson more than 20 years ago, and has been providing expert care to Central Kansans ever since. He earned his doctorate in podiatric medicine from the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Science in Des Moines, then completed a surgical fellowship before going into private practice.

Dr. Timson has a broad range of podiatric specialties and research interests, including athletic foot care and sports injury treatments, wound care, heel pain, pediatrics, surgery, and foot care for senior citizens. Professional growth and continuing education are important values to Dr. Timson, so he dedicates significant time to staying up-to-date with the latest research, technology, and treatment protocols.

Speaking of which…

Custom fitting orthotic to woman's foot

Advanced Treatment Options and Technology

You don’t need to make a trek down to Wichita, Topeka, or even further afield to benefit from many of the latest and most innovative treatment options in podiatry today.

In addition to all the traditional diagnostic and treatment technologies you would expect from any podiatric office, we can also provide more sophisticated services, including:

  • In-office ultrasound and digital X-ray imaging, so we can get clear, detailed images of your bones and soft tissues immediately. That means you get a confident, accurate diagnosis and effective treatment recommendations right from the first visit.
  • MLS laser therapy, which is a truly revolutionary tool for the management and treatment of all kinds of painful conditions, including heel pain, sports injuries, and even nerve pain. It has proven to be extremely effective on the most stubborn cases of chronic pain, has helped our patients significantly accelerate their recovery periods, and has even helped avoid surgery.
  • Custom-molded orthotics, durable and effective shoe inserts that can treat wider range of foot problems much more effectively than flimsy arch supports and insoles commonly available at pharmacies.

With these and other tools, we are almost always able to solve our patients’ painful foot and ankle problems—frequently without needing to resort to surgery.

Caring, Compassionate, and Personal Service

While we pride ourselves on being able to provide advanced treatments, we haven’t forgotten that compassionate care, individual attention, and personalized recommendations are just as important to ensure the best outcomes for our patients.

There’s a reason we put “Community” in the name of our practice. It’s part of our core philosophy. Dr. Timson will take as much time with you as necessary to answer your questions and concerns, fully explain your condition and treatment options, and help you make an informed decision about your care.

We even hold same-day appointment slots open as long as possible for new patients with pressing needs—even when all our regular appointment slots are filled. Your health and happiness is our top concern, and we go to great lengths to be as available, accessible, and accommodating as we can possibly be.

Developing lasting, personal relationships with our patients and their families isn’t just the right thing to do, or even just good business. It’s an essential component of making sure you get the care you need, and leave our office feeling better than when you arrived.

Happy patient and doctor shaking hands

We Look Forward to Serving You!

Regardless of which Central Kansas community you call home, if you are suffering from any kind of foot or ankle problem, please know that advanced, effective, and personal care is just a short ways away.

Just call us at (620) 241-3313 or use our convenient online contact form to request an appointment with us in McPherson, Herington, or Hillsboro. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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